Apple recently released the first beta of iOS 17.2 to developers and public beta testers, introducing a slew of new features and changes for iPhones. We’ve outlined ten of these new additions and updates below.

iOS 17.2 is anticipated to be available to the general public in December. Once it’s accessible, users can install the update by navigating to the Settings app, selecting General, and then choosing Software Update.

Journal App

  • Apple’s fresh Journal app enables iPhone users to reflect on their day and memories, complete with text, photos, music, audio recordings, and more. It offers personalized suggestions based on recent on-device activity.

Translate Option for Action Button

  • The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max feature a customizable Action button that replaces the traditional mute switch on previous models. In iOS 17.2, this button can be assigned to the Translate app for swift access to language translation in the Dynamic Island.

New Widgets

  • iOS 17.2 brings new Home Screen and Lock Screen widget options for the Weather and Clock apps. Weather options include Daily Forecast and Sunrise and Sunset, while the Clock app now offers a digital clock widget.

Apple Music: Collaborative Playlists

  • A new Collaborative Playlists feature for Apple Music allows multiple users to add, reorder, and remove songs in a shared playlist.

Apple Music: Favorite Songs Playlist

  • In the Music app on iOS 17.1 and later, users can favorite songs by tapping the star icon to receive improved recommendations. With iOS 17.2, favorited songs are also added to a new Favorite Songs playlist.

Apple Music: Listening History Focus Filter

  • iOS 17.2 introduces a new Focus filter for Apple Music listening history, preventing others from affecting your recommendations when they borrow your iPhone for music.

iMessage: Contact Key Verification

  • This feature is designed for users facing “extraordinary digital threats.” It allows further verification of secure communication between users and alerts them if a breach occurs.

iMessage: Sticker Reactions via Tapback Menu

  • iOS 17.2 streamlines the process of reacting to messages with stickers by allowing users to tap “Add Sticker” in the Tapback menu of the Messages app.

Memoji: New Customization Options

  • Apple introduced a “Body” section for Memojis, enabling users to customize aspects such as waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.

Contact Posters: Rainbow Text

  • iOS 17.2 includes a rainbow-colored text option for your name when setting up a Contact Poster in the Contacts app.

These features are part of the forthcoming iOS 17.2 update for iPhones, offering a range of enhancements and additions to enhance the user experience.