An upcoming iOS update, version 17.1.1, is expected to be released for the iPhone in the coming week, based on information shared by a reliable source on the X platform, previously known as Twitter. This account has a track record of sharing build numbers for upcoming iOS updates shortly before their release.

The iOS 17.1.1 update is likely to primarily focus on addressing bug fixes and enhancing security measures. However, the specific bugs that will be addressed in this update remain undisclosed at this time.

It is possible that the update may include a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues, which Apple introduced in the iOS 17.2 beta version. Additionally, it may resolve a persistent problem where some iPhones shut down overnight for affected users. Furthermore, Apple has committed to addressing a BMW wireless charging issue that impacts the iPhone 15 lineup in a future update later in the year.

While iOS 17.2 is still in the beta testing phase, it is anticipated to be released in December. This update will introduce a range of new features and changes, such as Apple’s Journal app, collaborative playlist creation for Apple Music subscribers, a Translate option for the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models, enhanced iMessage Contact Key Verification security, additional Weather and Clock widgets, and more.

It has also been reported that Apple is preparing to release a watchOS update to resolve excessive Apple Watch battery drain. This update is likely to be watchOS 10.1.1, but the version may change to watchOS 10.2 if additional time is required for development.