iOS 12.2 just saw its second developer beta get seeded, and while four new Animoji is the main new feature, there’s some misleading marketing happening with the software, too.

But that’s not on Apple’s side, technically. If you happen to have an iPhone with AT&T, live in a specific market that’s covered by the big blue carrier’s “5G E” network technology, and you install the iOS 12.2 second developer beta, you will see a new label replace your “LTE” mainstay. Some folks under AT&T’s banner are showing that they have the new “5G E” logo instead of “LTE” on their iPhones running the newest prerelease software, indicating that will become the norm once iOS 12.2 launches to the public later this year.

Now, for those who aren’t keeping up with AT&T’s misleading behavior here, let’s break it down very briefly. Recently, AT&T launched what it calls “5G Evolution” in some markets across the United States. This is a means for AT&T to get ahead of the other wireless carriers in the U.S. in terms of marketing, because it’s already putting “5G” out there in the world before they do. However, this is not 5G technology — nor is it 5G speeds.

5G Evolution, or 5G E for short, is simply more advanced LTE technology. It uses better hardware out there in the world and offers up faster, more stable LTE speeds. It is not 5G technology. AT&T has already been called out on this multiple times since the 5G E logo started appearing on Android phones earlier this year. Now it’s time to call the company out for its iPhone and iPad labeling nonsense, too.

You can see a picture of it below:

AT&T has technically started rolling out its 5G network, but it’s only supported by a mobile hotspot at this point. None of its phones actually support 5G technology yet. The first one, from Samsung, arrives later this year.

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