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iPhones are great for a lot of things. At the top of the list is creating and enjoying high-quality video. But unfortunately there are many potential snags.

Maybe you’re trying to watch a MKV, AAC or FLV video that creates a format conflict. Or you’ve bounced HEVC video through an old version of QuickTime, Final Cut Pro, iMovie or some other editing software that makes it incompatible. If you’re trying to play an iPhone-shot video at 4K and 60 frames per second, it might not vibe well with certain video players. If you shot your video on a drone or GoPro, that can also create a host of compatibility problems.

To make sure your video plays the way it was meant to on any device requires the right converter. At just over $40 for a lifetime license, VideoProc iPhone video converter offers a powerful but affordable option.

Right now, you can score a copy in a giveaway and sweepstakes. Digiarty Software, maker of VideoProc, is giving away VideoProc licenses, an iPhone XS Max, a Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker and a Pixi Plus Mini Tripod Kit. (More on the giveaway later.)

Edit video from more devices with less hassle

Put simply, VideoProc is an all-in-one video-processing tool for editing, adjusting and converting HD video — even 4K UHD videos — for your Mac, Windows or other devices.

The software includes six familiar tools for trimming, cutting, cropping, merging, rotating and flipping video clips. You also can adjust aspect ratio, add subtitles and change the video’s frame rate.

VideoProc’s Advanced Toolbox offers features that will be familiar to Final Cut Pro users. Those tools include shaky video stabilization and background noise removal. Plus, you can create GIFs, add fisheye distortion and watermark stamps, mess with the video’s color, audio and speed, and lots more.

Video processing to make your clips look great

Backed by full GPU acceleration, Digiarty describes VideoProc’s functionality as “video processing” instead of “video editing” for good reason. VideoProc focuses on making videos look and run great on any platform. Thanks to Level-3 hardware acceleration, it processes video 47 times faster than similar apps, reducing CPU usage to 40 percent.

A clean interface presents all these features in an intuitive layout that even non-technical users can navigate. Most things require nothing more than a couple clicks or the move of a slider. However, you also get the option to take a deep dive into details when necessary. Generally, you can rely on one of the 420 device-specific profiles to convert video for various pieces of hardware.

So, whether it’s video from an iPhone, DSLR camera, drone, GoPro, baby monitor or a clip from online — VideoProc can also download videos from YouTube and more than a thousand other sites — you can easily tweak, convert, share and replay it on any device.

Once you trim, compress or otherwise alter a video to the right size and format, it’s a lot easier and faster to share and upload. Not only do you ensure the dimensions are correct for, say, Instagram, you can also make sure the balance of file size and playback quality are optimal.

More reasons to try VideoProc

Some other cool features of VideoProc include the ability to record video straight from your computer or iPhone screen (without the annoying red bar that sometimes shows up with screen recordings).

That’s great for gamers sharing their exploits, tech experts sharing walkthroughs, and anyone else whose screen contains things worth sharing or keeping. With VideoProc, it’s easy to record the screens of desktop and iOS devices, straight from a webcam, or both at once via picture-in-picture mode.

After recording, it’s a simple matter of trimming out the sections you want to keep, all with the same app. Additionally, you can draw, add text, insert voiceovers and make other modifications.

That’s a lot of ways to make working with HD video easier, faster and more flexible.

If you shoot or work with video regularly, this app gives you loads of flexibility, enhancing performance and playback on a wide range of devices. VideoProc is useful for casual users and professionals alike, but it doesn’t cost a professional price.

Win free VideoProc licenses and more

If you want a copy of VideoProc, you might not even have to pay for it. Digiarty is running a VideoProc giveaway and iPhone XS Max sweepstakes, both of which shouldn’t be missed.

To throw your hat in the ring, just enter a valid email address. That could be enough to get VideoProc free and win an iPhone XS Max. Earn even more chances by downloading VideoProc, following Digiarty on social media, and visiting the VideoProc site.

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