Apple Highlights iPhone XR’s Battery Life and iMessage Encryption in New Ads

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on May 11, 2019 in iPhone Xr, News

iPhone XR

Apple has released a couple of new videos highlighting the long battery life of the iPhone XR and the privacy aspect of iMessage thanks to end-to-end encryption.

The iPhone XR has the longest battery life of all the iPhones launched by Apple in 2018. This is thanks to its power-sipping and lower resolution 720p+ LCD display and in the ad, Apple rightfully highlights this.

iPhone XR has the longest battery life in an iPhone ever. So whether you’re streaming video, watching live sports or playing a game, you’ll lose power before your iPhone XR will.

Incidentally, just last week, a report highlighted that Apple overstates iPhone XR’s battery life by over 50 percent.

The iMessage ad is slightly hilarious in nature and shows a woman laughing on messages sent to hear over iMessage. Since iMessage has end-to-end encryption, no one else can read the messages that she has received. The ad ends with the tagline ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone.’

Your privacy matters. That’s why iMessage encrypts your conversations. Privacy. That’s iPhone.

Apple has been touting the privacy aspect of the iPhone and its other services since quite a few months now and this new ad is based on the same trend.

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