Apps of the week

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes an app for finding campsites, a minimalist task manager and a fun AR money-maker. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


The camping season is upon is, and if you want to find the best places around you to pitch a tent, check out Hipcamp. The app helps you find everything from tried and true lot rentals to unique camping experiences on farms, ranches and vineyards. You can plan hiking trips with friends, find last-minute campsites for tonight or the weekend and see real-time availability with photos and reviews.

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Here is an interesting take on the todo list/task manager genre. It’s called Hourly, and it uses a more minimalist UI to help you get things done. So instead of hitting you with checklists, color-coded boxes and a ton of features, it simply asks: what are you going to do? Once you’ve typed something in, a timer starts and continues until you mark the task as completed—so you can see how long it took you.

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Notable Me

And what would this roundup be without a fun app to keep you entertained on a lazy Saturday afternoon? This is Notable Me, and as you can guess from the screenshots, the app uses augmented reality to impose your face on bills and other currency. That’s right, you can make your own Schrute bucks and capture a photo to share with your friends and family. Just don’t try to print it out and use it.

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Call Me Phrasy!

It’s been a while since we’ve pointed to a word game, so I’m correcting that with Call Me Phrasy! Prove you’re the pun-master with this fun word puzzler. There are 450 puzzles to solve, with over 1,350 clues, fit into 9 categories and 45 sub-categories. Other features include helpers like 1st word free and show vowels, collectible trophies, and more.

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John on Fire

Looking for something a little more involved? Check out John on Fire, a top-down shooter/action adventure game that takes place in a crime riddled city. Players are placed in the shoes of former hard-nosed detective John Mills as he dismantles a crime organization. Features include an engaging story, cinematic cut scenes, action-packed gameplay and hilarious parodies of Hollywood action films.

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