2019 iPhones Will Feature Lightning Port, Ship with 5W Wall Adapter

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 11, 2019 in 2019 iPhones, News

Apple's own Lightning to USB-C cable

Contrary to rumors, Mac Otakara sources believe that Apple will continue to stick to Lightning port on its 2019 iPhone lineup. What’s even worse is that Apple plans to continue bundling a 5W charger with the phones.

Apple is not making the switch to USB-C with its 2019 iPhones due to cost reasons. A switch will lead to the company bundling new EarPods with USB-C connector, an 18W USB-C charger, and a USB-C to USB-C cable — all of which will end up increasing the production cost. Instead, with Apple opening its MFi program to Lightning-to-USB-C cable, the company is relying on third-party accessory makers to offer cheap cables to customers interested in fast charging their iPhone.

If true, this is definitely a disappointing move on Apple’s part. Apple has been bundling a 5W charger with the iPhone for almost a decade now. What’s worse is that out of the box, charging the iPhone with its supplied 5W charger will be slower than wireless charging the device. That’s because iPhone X and higher support 7.5W of Qi wireless charging. Plus, Apple switched to USB-C with its 2018 iPad Pro lineup and it even bundles an 18W USB-C adapter with them.

There’s really no reason for the company to not do the same with its 2019 iPhone lineup particularly due to cost reasons. For a smartphone that will start at $999, a higher production cost should not really be a cause of concern especially when Android OEMs are able to offer USB-C and bundle a 10W or higher charger with even their $250 smartphone.

[Via Mac Otakara]

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