Upgraded AirPods are on the way — and a new report sheds light on some new features that Apple’s next-gen wireless earbuds will supposedly boast. If you’re looking for a new color option, smart sensors, and a less droppable coating, you’re likely to be in luck.

If you’re looking for a drop in cost, on the other hand? Not so much.

The report, which comes from a website called MySmartPrice, says that the AirPods 2 will supposedly look very similar to current AirPods. However, they will offer improved sound quality and a new, more grippable coating similar to the one Google uses for its Pixel smartphones. This will also find its way onto this year’s iPhone refresh.

The “source” that the website claims it spoke to also confirmed that new sensors will be included in the AirPods. These could be used for health-tracking applications. It also says that the AirPods 2 will be available in both black and white color options, that their battery will be roughly the same as the first-gen models, and that they will cost around $200.

The report also claims that Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad will supposedly be released in Spring. It continues that:

“The AirPower will be slightly thicker than originally expected, apparently because of the 8-7-7 coil configuration. Apple is said to be working on a few “exclusive features” as well for the AirPower, although they will not be available until iOS 13 is released. As for pricing, the AirPower wireless charging pad is likely to be priced around $150 at launch.”

As ever, any unsubstantiated reports should be taken with a pinch of salt — particularly when they don’t cite source names. With that said, if these features are accurately described, it sounds like the AirPods 2 are going to be worth waiting for.

The sequel to everyone’s favorite wireless earpods

The first generation AirPods — introduced on December 13, 2016 — have been a gigantic hit for Apple. Given the size of their success, it’s no shock that Apple would be keen to launch a follow-up .

Another  recent report suggested that new AirPods are on their way in the first half of 2019, possibly bringing new health-monitoring functions, alongside “Hey Siri,” noise cancellation, and water resistance. A more significant redesign is supposedly planned to follow in 2021.

What are the features you’d like to see in Apple’s next-gen AirPods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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