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If you find it hard to make time to find a good book and start reading, maybe it’s time to give Audible a try. With its myriad of audiobooks, you can start listening to the latest best-sellers while accomplishing what you need to get done otherwise too, from driving to work to making dinner or doing chores around the house. Though Audible normally costs $15 monthly, Amazon has a deal today that can score you two months of the service along with a $15 credit for your first Prime Now order absolutely free. This deal is exclusively available for Prime members only, so be sure to start a free trial of Amazon Prime beforehand if you’re not already a member.

You must be a new member at Audible to be eligible for this promotion. It’s also important to note that the Prime Now credit you’ll receive is valid only on orders totaling $35 or more and must be used on your first Prime Now purchase to work successfully. That should be easy to rack up, as Prime Now is filled with tons of essentials and foods you likely buy on a regular basis already. You can order take out there as well.

With your Audible membership, you’ll receive one credit each month, which can be redeemed for any audiobook on Audible regardless of its price. You’ll also get access to podcasts, Audible Exclusives, and other audio programs ad-free. Additional audiobooks beyond the credits you receive are discounted by as much as 30%. If you want, you can swap books out for no extra charge. And if you cancel your subscription, you get to keep any books you’ve already collected forever.

Audible makes listening easy too, as you can download the app on a range of devices from Amazon Kindles to smartphones and more.

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