Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for branding yourself, your company, or your business to boost your online presence and engagement from your customers, fan base, and attract new people to your brand. Of course, maintaining a top tier Instagram isn’t easy and it requires tons of dedication to post great content daily. You need the right tools to achieve the success and growth you want.

Postable is the ingenious Instagram automation tool that lets you schedule posts and automates your Instagram engagement. With Postable’s Charlie plan, you’ll get access to a treasure trove of smart features on an unlimited number of accounts. You can automatically follow/unfollow, like, comment, repost, and message your audience, as well as track your growth with analytics reports.

Here are all the great features you’ll get with the Postable’s Charlie plan:

  • Automate your Instagram engagement on an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Easily schedule posts for your accounts.
  • Connect to your Dropbox or OneDrive and upload your photos to save time.
  • Automatically follow/unfollow, like, comment, report and message your audience.
  • Use safely with access to premium proxies.
  • View in-depth Instagram and Postable analytics directly from your dashboard.

Postable’s Charlie plan typically costs about $300, but right now through iMore Digital Offers, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $39!

Stop spinning your wheels on social media, and get your Instagram presence working for you!

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