Using my iPhone’s Control Center interface to adjust my display brightness and volume level has become a second nature to me, and while I love the visuals that Apple has implemented in the latest iteration of Control Center, I still think they could do better with the information displayed there.

With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to see a free jailbreak tweak called SugarCane12 from iOS developer manolz. This Control Center add-on displays numeric percentages in the display brightness and volume level sliders so that you have a better representation of their current levels.

As you’ll see in the screenshot example below, the numeric volume percentage displays appear at the bottom half of the sliders. The numbers are beautifully-spaced from the edges, and it almost looks like something that Apple would have made for their own platform.

Apart from making Control Center slightly more informative than it was out of the box, SugarCane12 doesn’t impact the interface’s controls or performance in any way. You can still swipe up or down on the sliders to adjust your handset’s display brightness or volume level, and as you might come to expect, the numeric percentages update in real-time.

We’d like to note that SugarCane12 isn’t really a new jailbreak tweak, but rather a re-released version of the original SugarCane tweak by iOS developer Andy Wiik with full support for iOS 12 and A12(X) devices.

That said, if you’re jailbroken on iOS 12, or you’re using the new Chimera jailbreak with full-fledged support for A12(X), then you can download SugarCane12 by adding the following repository to Cydia or Sileo:

The tweak doesn’t come with any options to configure, and if you’re jailbroken on iOS 11 instead of iOS 12, then you can continue to use Andy Wiik’s original SugarCane tweak.

What are your thoughts about SugarCane? Personally, I think it gives Control Center a more completed look, but feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.