SoundCloud Go+ now offers high quality streaming

SoundCloud is a community, built upon the foundation of a streaming music platform. And that position has helped it reach a massive milestone.

SoundCloud announced on Wednesday that the company has just reached its 200 millionth upload to the platform. That milestone was reached thanks to the single “Eye Ring”, which was uploaded by Francesca Lombardo, a “London-based DJ and classically-trained vocalist”. SoundCloud has a quick profile on Lombardo, the new single, and the artist’s forthcoming album “Life of Leaf” set to launch on Friday, February 15.

Things appear to be going well for SoundCloud, because, as The Verge notes, the platform was at 125 million uploaded tracks on the platform back in 2016. That’s quite the boost since then! And while 200 million uploaded tracks is impressive all by itself, it is even more so when you compare that to the primary competition — and market leaders.

Spotify, for instance, boasts a library of “over 35 million tracks”. Meanwhile, Apple Music touts an even more impressive library of “over 45 million tracks”. But that huge gap between the services and SoundCloud comes from that aforementioned community. While YouTube is known for plenty of indie artist uploads and covers, SoundCloud has always been known for that same thing. SoundCloud serves as a platform for artists to launch remixes, mashups, DJ mixes, and much more. So while SoundCloud offers up the standard stable of traditionally released music, it has quite a bit more in its library to discover.

However, when it come to paying subscribers SoundCloud may be trailing far behind. Spotify, for instance, has over 87 million paying subscribers. Apple Music crossed over 50 million paid subscribers in January of this year. SoundCloud, meanwhile, has reportedly only around 100,000 paid subscribers.

[via The Verge; SoundCloud]

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