Are you an Apple Music subscriber? If so, you probably dislike the user interface in desktop iTunes and the Music app on iOS, and rightfully so. In that case, you should consider Soor, a brand new third-party premium music player that integrates with Apple Music with a strong focus on music discovery, one-handed navigation, personalization and more.

Soor (pronounced Sur, it’s Hindi for “melody/note”) is a beautiful, feature-rich music player for iPhone. The software seamlessly integrates with your Apple Music account and features an easy to use gorgeous interface with a one-page design and other bells and whistles.

Check out the promotional video embedded below.

The app does its magic by utilizing Apple’s MusicKit API which enables direct integration with Apple Music. MusicKit apps can do things like access Apple Music artists, albums, songs, playlists, activities, curators, search, charts and personalized recommendations. All you need to do is grant Soor permission to access your Apple Music media library and account via iOS’s standard permission dialog.

One-handed gestures are particularly convenient when using Soor on large-screened iPhones. They even have a pull-down gesture that works somewhat like Apple’s Reachability feature: swiping down lets you traverse across the buttons on top and initiate actions.

You can even use drag and drop (requires iOS 11 or later) to do things like add multiple items to a playlist or the current queue, like and share songs and much more.

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Unlike Apple’s Music app though, Soor prioritizes one-handed gestures, user customization and a single-page design that packs multiple sections into one view.

In theory, Soor should be the optimal blend of two different worlds—a third-party music player with its own aesthetic and stylistic choices combined with Apple Music data and the service’s vast streaming catalog.

In practice, while Soor has some solid ideas I’d like to see in Apple Music too, and despite its intriguing visual design, the app doesn’t qualify as a complete replacement for the Music app on iPhone.

Aside from the aforementioned features, Soor comes with light, dark and black themes, with more color schemes and other enhancements coming in the future via free updates.

Light, dark and black themes in Soor.

Soor does not have a native iPad interface, but surely developers are working on it as we speak because such a gorgeous piece of software begs to be enjoyed on a bigger canvas.

If Soor has piqued your interest, visit the official Soor website.

Soor is a $9.99 download from App Store.