If you’re an avid Twitter user and also happen to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you just might take a liking to a newly-released free jailbreak tweak called Crayola X by iOS developer aesthyrica.

Just as the name implies, Crayola X empowers you with the
ability to give the official Twitter app a fresh coat of paint. The tweak adds
an extensive preference pane to the Settings app where you can customize almost
any element found in the app.

In the primary preference pane page, you’ll find a toggle switch
for the tweak. You’ll also notice that the colorization options are separated by
‘night’ and ‘day,’ which refer to the two color modes that the official Twitter
app supports:

Both the ‘night’ and ‘day’ panes are nearly identical, and
provide options for customizing the app’s interface, like so:

In addition to tinting various aspects of the Twitter app’s interface, the preference pane provides access to pre-set themes and lets you further customize elements such as text and messages, among other things:

As you might’ve noticed, the colorization option lists are incredibly extensive, so we won’t waste your time listing them all out for you. But take our word for it, this is perhaps one of the most in-depth colorization tweaks we’ve ever seen for the official Twitter app.

If you’re interested in trying Crayola X, then you can download it for free from the Dynastic Repo in Cydia or Sileo. Crayola X will not work with third-party Twitter clients and should work on all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

Have you colorized your Twitter app with Crayola X yet? If
so, don’t forget to share your setup in the comments!