Samsung Has No Idea When It Will Start Shipping Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on May 07, 2019 in News, Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s woes with the Galaxy Fold don’t seem to end. After pushing the handset’s release date last month due to screen reliability complaints from reviewers, the company now says that it has no firm date as to when it will ship the pre-orders.

In an email sent out to customers, Samsung informed them that if they did not hear back from them by May 31st, it will automatically cancel their Galaxy Fold pre-order. As per U.S. regulations, Samsung was obliged to inform its customers that pre-orders would be canceled if not shipped by May 31.

“If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be canceled automatically,” the South Korean tech giant’s U.S. subsidiary told Galaxy Fold pre-order customers in an email late on Monday, which was confirmed by a Samsung spokeswoman.

The $1,980 Galaxy Fold was initially supposed to ship late last month — April 26. However, around a week before its release, reviewers found major screen reliability issues with the Galaxy Fold which led Samsung to take back all the units and delay the launch to fix the design issue. Since then, Samsung has been mum as to when it plans on shipping out Galaxy Fold to pre-order customers with a more reliable design.

The Galaxy Fold has been designed in such a way that debris got below the screen which in turn led to the screen breaking or affected its functionality. Samsung needs to find a way to stop dust ingress in the device without radically redesigning it to ensure that the display reliability is not compromised in any way.

Our Take

The Galaxy Fold could have been the first foldable device in the world sold to consumers. Despite its high price tag of almost $2,000, the pre-order stock ran out almost instantly across major U.S. carriers. Due to these reliability issues though, the consumer interest and hype around foldable smartphones have taken a hit and Samsung’s brand image has also once again taken a hit. Now, most consumers are looking forward to the Huawei Mate X which is expected to start shipping from later this month.

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