Although Apple pushes its Apple Music streaming service on its consumer base, I still find myself preferring Spotify, especially now that the service bundles Hulu with its Spotify Premium subscription. That said, I don’t see myself switching to Apple Music any time soon, and it excites me when I happen upon a new Spotify-centric jailbreak tweak.

The latest of such releases is Groovify by iOS developer Revulate, which brings all sorts of color customization options and a whole lot more to the official Spotify app for iOS. You can see a few examples of the tweak’s aftermath in the screenshots above.

In addition to giving you full control over the Spotify Music app’s color palette, Groovify brings a plethora of new features to the Spotify app that you can toggle on demand. You’ll find all these options in the tweak’s preference pane after installation:

Here, you can:

  • Enable or disable the tweak on demand
  • Toggle a variety of different features to improve the Spotify Music app experience:
    • Toggle “real” music shuffling on or off
    • Enable or disable Apple Music playlist importing
    • Enable or disable the “What’s New” sections
    • Toggle tint gradients in the UI
    • Hide gradients in the UI
    • Left-align the text on the home page
    • Display larger iOS-styled titles
    • Show playlist additions at the bottom
    • Enable the new Spotify UI
    • Configure the new Spotify UI as a background olor
    • Tint music controls
    • Toggle larger album artwork
    • Center the text on your display
    • Hide the Genius lyrics from your display
    • Hide the queue screen controls from your display
    • Enable or disable playlist extras
    • Show album artwork in playlists
  • Enable or disable a custom application tint color
    • Choose a custom tint color via a color picker
  • Enable or disable a custom application text color
    • Choose a custom text color via a color picker
  • Enable or disable a custom application background color
    • Choose a custom background color via a color picker
  • Apply all changes
  • Reset all options to their defaults

Given the extensive list of options that Groovify comes with, just about any Spotify user is certain to find at least a few features that they enjoy upon trying the tweak for the first time.

If you’re using a compatible version of Spotify Music and all these new features look appealing to you, then you’ll find Groovify for free in the Nepeta repository via Cydia or Sileo. Groovify is tested to work on Spotify version 8.5.3 and later, and backwards-compatibility isn’t planned. Moreover, the tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

What are your thoughts about Groovify? Be sure to drop a comment letting us know below.