Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max Battery Life Compared

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 26, 2019 in Galaxy S10, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, News

We have already seen the Galaxy S10+ beat the iPhone XS Max in a speed test. Now, the phone has managed to repeat its impressive performance in the battery life department as well.

As per testing concluded by Toms Guide show, the Galaxy S10+ offers notably better battery life than the Galaxy Note 9 as well as the iPhone XS Max. While the iPhone XS Max lasted 10 hours 38 minutes in the test, the Galaxy S10+ managed to last almost two hours more at 12 hours and 38 minutes. The test involves surfing the net over T-Mobile’s LTE network with the screen brightness set to 150 nits.

Like the iPhone XS Max, the Galaxy S10+ comes with a 7nm chipset. Coupled with an improved power efficiency of the display and other components, it is understandable as to why the Galaxy S10+ is able to offer better battery life than the iPhone XS Max. Plus, it also comes with a massive 4100mAh battery while the iPhone XS Max comes with a paltry 3174mAh battery.

The iPhone XS Max does great for the battery capacity it packs but pales in comparison to the Galaxy S10+. Plus, the better battery life of the Galaxy S10+ is only one half of the equation here. The device also charges notably faster than the iPhone. It comes with a 15W charger in the box that’s capable of charging it from 0-100% in just under 2 hours, while the iPhone XS Max comes with with a 5W charger that takes well over 2.5 hours to charge it from 0-100%. As if that was not enough, the Galaxy S10+ can charge wirelessly at 12W while the iPhone XS Max is capped at 7.5W.

So not only does the iPhone XS Max offer poorer battery life than the Galaxy S10+, it also charges slower than the Galaxy S10+. And that’s really telling. Do note that battery life results will greatly vary depending on your use case. So for some, the iPhone XS Max might offer better battery life than the Galaxy S10+ despite the latter doing better in testing.

[Via Toms Guide]

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