With each meaningful iteration of iOS, Apple slightly tweaks
the aesthetic of the iPhone’s Lock screen, but these changes aren’t significant
enough to warrant much praise. That said, if you’re looking for something
extraordinary, then you might have more luck with a jailbroken handset.

Enter Jellyfish, a jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Justin Proulx and AppleBetas that aims to modernize the look and feel of your handset’s Lock screen interface.

Citing the developer, the concept for Jellyfish was inspired by the Apple Watch’s Motion face. Albeit a substantial departure from the native iOS Lock screen, its relation to watchOS means that you can expect an Apple-esque aesthetic that should look gorgeous on any device you install it on.

Jellyfish doesn’t have any options to configure, so it’s automatically designed to look beautiful from the moment you install it. It captivates your attention with an immersive Lock screen experience that displays not just the time, but local weather information as well. Furthermore, your handset’s battery level is shown when you plug it into a power source.

As for aesthetics, Jellyfish is designed to play nicely with
any wallpaper you throw at it. The partially-translucent data displays permit
your wallpaper’s dominant colors to shine through battery, date, and weather information
at a glance, which provides a beautiful two-tone color scheme that matches your

Jellyfish’s design is somewhat polarizing from the native look and feel of iOS; that said, some people may like it and others may not. Although opinions will vary, it’s certainly wonderful to have options, as the jailbreak community exists specifically for this purpose.

If you’re interested in trying Jellyfish, then you can download it from the Dynastic Repo for $1.99. The tweak is marked compatible with all jailbroken iOS 11 devices.

How do you feel about the design aesthetic of Jellyfish? Let
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