New in iOS 12.2, your Smart Search Field queries can now be modified by tapping a new arrow icon next to your Google-powered search suggestions. This highly useful new feature allows you to get targeted search results more quickly when conducting a search in Safari.

To get started with, first update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the iOS 12.2 software or newer. Next, fire up Safari and tap the URL field at the bottom that also doubles as a search field. Now enter your search phrase like you normally would.

You will notice that the suggestions listed underneath the heading Google Search now bear little blue arrows on their right side. Like before, you can tap a suggestion directly to conduct that search. But now, you can also tap an arrow to insert the underlying auto-suggestion to the search field without actually submitting a search, which is super useful.

Tapping an arrow inserts the suggestion to the search field so you can refine it

This let you build on a suggestion and flesh it out a little bit in just a few taps.

I understand that this may sound like a trivial addition, but trust me when I say that this little nugget of an improvement makes it extremely easy to receive more targeted search results without having to edit a query or enter a new search from scratch.

The feature only works if Google is your default search provider in Safari.

I don’t know about you, but in my view this is arguably the most useful new feature in iOS 12.2.

How do you like the new search arrows in Safari?

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