How to Delete iPhone Apps by Name with DearMob iPhone Manager Featured

Let’s face it, the process of deleting apps on the iPhone is way too cumbersome. The iOS Home screen hasn’t changed in over 10 years. And every year, Apple kept on adding new things. First folders and recently, the ability to move multiple apps together. This recent addition has made the process of moving and deleting apps frustrating. Plus, if you have hundreds of apps, simply finding the app to delete can take a lot of time.

You might be thinking, why not use iTunes? Well, iTunes has issues of its own. If you’ve never synced your device, it will automatically delete all data from your iPhone. It’s way too easy to mess things up with iTunes.

DearMob iPhone Manager is a worthy alternative to iTunes. It’s easy to use, idiot proof manager for your iPhone. Using DearMob iPhone Manager you can delete multiple apps together, by name. Read on to find out how.

How to Delete iPhone Apps by Name with DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 1: Download the DearMob iPhone Manager app from the website.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer (Mac or PC) and you’ll see it show up in the DearMob’s main screen. From here, click on Apps.

Delete iPhone Apps By Name DearMob iPhone Manager 1

Step 3: You’ll see all installed apps on your iPhone or iPad, listed in alphabetical order. You can search for apps as well.

Step 4: Click on the checkmark next to an app’s name to select it. You can select as many apps as you want. Go through the list once and select all the apps that you want to delete.

Delete iPhone Apps By Name DearMob iPhone Manager 2

Step 5: Now, from the top toolbar, click on the Uninstall button. Now click the Sync button to start the process.

Once the sync process is complete, the selected apps and the related app data will all be deleted from your iPhone or iPad, freeing up space on your device.

DearMob Does A Lot More

DearMob iPhone Manager is a must-have app for anyone who is fed up with iTunes. Here are just a couple of features of this awesome app:

  • Sync iPhone or iPad with multiple computers without iTunes. No need to fear a new computer accidentally erasing your entire device.
  • You can selectively sync data in both directions. So you can copy specific photos from iPhone to Mac. Or sync a couple of videos from your Mac to your iPad easily.
  • You can back up your entire device with just a click. Restoring is just as simple.
  • You can fix software issues and crashes on your iPhone as well.

It’s well worth the asking price. But you can download the free trial to test it out yourself.

Download: DearMob iPhone Manager

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