I have used and reviewed several items from WITTI Design in the past. The company has a number of clock radios that integrate with smart homes via smart buttons and charge your phone and have attractive colored lights to help you wake up more gradually. Waking up is one thing, but falling and staying asleep is also important, especially since my wife tells me I snore! I was excited to try the DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine ($29.99) when WITTI sent it to me.

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The good news is, it works! We have tried just asking Alexa to play white noise, or using an app, but there is something about a mechanical, fan-based white noise machine like the DOZZI that works better than a digital sound machine. Maybe it’s the purity of the sound, or the airflow it generates, but it did the trick. Also, you might not want to wear out your iPhone’s speaker all night or maybe you want it on silent to avoid notifications. A dedicated machine is often the best choice.

The DOZZI offers infinite or 60- and 120-minute timer options. I would have liked a 6- or 8-hour timer option, so it could cover a full night’s sleep. Or better yet, integration with a smart home speaker so I could say "Alexa, ask WITTI to play white noise until 6 a.m.!" All the more important because the buttons are hard to find and operate in the dark. But you can rotate the shell of the device to change the sound effects a bit.

There is a nice color nightlight option, similar to many WITTI products. It can display a solid color or a rainbow of colors rotating over time. There’s a built-in USB port to charge your iPhone at night, which is a nice touch. At under $30 (on sale from $39.99 as I write this) it’s reasonably priced. This is just another product from WITTI designed to make your nights better. In addition to WITTI’s alarm clocks, the company also has a motion-sensing, magnetic mount (or sticky mount) portable USB-charged nightlight, dubbed the HANDI,  that is, well, handy! You could place it in your hallway to make those midnight trips to the bathroom or kitchen a little safer!



  • Mechanical fan-based white noise not digital
  • 60, 120 minute timer options
  • Color nightlight option
  • USB port
  • Reasonably priced
  • Rotate to change sound effects


  • Buttons are hard to find in the dark
  • 8 hour timer option would be nice
  • Smart home integration would be ideal

Final Verdict

If you have tried white noise apps and they don’t do the trick, try the DOZZI from WITTI Design.


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