I have admired Grovemade’s elegant wood, metal, and leather accessories for some time. The company recently sent me the Apple Watch Dock ($50), which works with your own original Apple Watch charging cable. It’s basically a base to keep the Apple cable in place, and hidden beneath a thin layer of actual cork. The cork is available in natural or dark. It’s thin so the watch can charge through it, but Grovemade warns you to be careful inserting the charger so as not to puncture the cork. Fortunately, the installation process should be something you only do once.

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The cork is supported by a heavy-duty ring of stainless steel, which adds heft and ensures the dock will stay put. There is another hidden layer of cork on the bottom, so the steel won’t scuff your furniture. It’s not cheap, but you feel the value in the build-quality and it is made in the U.S. (Portland, OR, to be specific). Remember that the Apple Watch charger is not included and the design makes it best suited for watches with straps that allow the watch to lay flat, so not the Milanese Loop or one-piece metal bands.


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Dark or light options
  • Clever mix of cork and stainless steel
  • Serious heft to stay put
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Apple Watch charger not included
  • Suitable only for straps that allow the watch to lay flat
  • Cork is thin and you need to be careful inserting the charger

Final Verdict

If you want to charge your Apple Watch in style, you can do so with the Apple Watch Dock from Grovemade.

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