The Apple Watch Series 4 is perhaps one of my favorite tech gadgets of all time, and as you might come to expect, I use a plethora of third-party accessories to augment my Apple Watch experience.

I’m far from the only Apple Watch Series 4 user in the world, but that’s not to say everyone knows about the best gadgets that can be paired with Apple’s smartwatch. For that reason, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite accessories with the hope that it might help some of you in your search.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it…

My favorite accessories for the Apple Watch Series 4

1) Belkin BOOST↑UP Special Edition Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch

The name might be a mouthful, but this is perhaps one of the cleanest all-in-one wireless charging docks you’ll find for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

This fine piece integrates a 7.5-watt charging pad for your iPhone and an MFi-certified Apple Watch charging puck directly into the base. Best of all, both charging solutions stand your device(s) up to give you something to look at when a notification sound emanates from your iPhone.

As a bonus, this small-footprint dock tucks a hidden USB-A port on the back for auxiliary charging, which might be of use if you need to charge your AirPods or Beats headphones via Lightning.

If you’re interested in the Belkin BOOST↑UP Special Edition Charging Dock, then you can pick one up from Belkin’s website for $159.99. The dock is available in black and white colorways.

2) Nomad Titanium Band

I always get the standard Sport Band when I order an Apple Watch to save money and leave my options open for upgradeability in the future, and I met my match when Nomad launched its Titanium series bands.

All of Nomad’s Apple Watch straps are renowned for their custom stainless steel lugs, and the Titanium Band is no different; not only are they beefy, but they’re exceptionally durable and give your Apple Watch a more rugged appearance.

The links that make up the band are milled out of titanium, which is a serious step up from more traditional materials like aluminum or steel. Titanium provides uncompromising strength while being astonishingly lightweight, which makes it the ideal material for a watch band.

Nomad includes a size adjustment tool that lets you add or remove links from the Titanium band. It can be adjusted to fit wrists ranging from 135-220mm.

If you’re interested in Nomad’s Titanium Band, then you can pick one up from Nomad’s website for $179.99. The band is available in both black and silver.

3) Sena Leather Apple Watch Charging and Travel Case

If you made the jump to the higher-end Apple Watch models like I did, then you’d be wise to protect your investment. For those moments that you need to keep your Apple Watch safe when you aren’t wearing it, it’s hard to go wrong with Sena’s leather charging and travel case.

This unit is comprised of a two-piece European leather design that closes magnetically to protect the Apple Watch inside, but the cap can also be placed on the bottom, allowing the case to double as an Apple Watch stand.

The design of Sena’s case allows you to make good use of your stock Apple Watch charging cable. After putting the magnetic puck in the retainer, the rest of the wire coils inside of the case, enabling you to pull it out only when you need it. For times you don’t, the magnetic puck works as a retainer for the Apple Watch itself.

If you’re interested in the Sena Leather Apple Watch Charging and Travel Case, then you can pick one up from Amazon for just under $30 with free Prime shipping.

4) Elevation Lab BatteryPro for iPhone and Apple Watch

Sometimes your Apple Watch needs a charge when you’re away from a power outlet, and that’s where a portable battery pack can come in handy. But while there are literally thousands of different battery packs available to choose from, only a small percentage of those sport an integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch charging puck like the BatteryPro by Elevation Lab.

The BatteryPro is a compact 8,000 mAh battery pack with an optional USB-A port to additionally charge your iPhone when you’re out and about. More importantly, it includes an elastic strap that holds your Apple Watch in place to prevent it from demagnetizing at any time while traveling.

Elevation Lab also claims that you can stand this battery up on its end to be used for Nightstand Mode, but I rarely use this mode while charging via the BatteryPro. Nevertheless, we thought it was worth mentioning.

If you’re interested in Elevation Lab’s BatteryPro battery pack for your Apple Watch, then you can pick one up from Amazon for about $100.

5) UGREEN Apple Watch Charger

The last useful accessory that I can recommend for any Apple Watch owner is UGREEN’s cordless Apple Watch charger.

I’ve always looked to third-party charging solutions for my Apple Watch because I hate using the cable-based magnetic charger that comes in the box. When I’m away from my Belklin dock at home and my Apple Watch’s battery gets low, this is the nifty doodad I turn to.

There’s not much to UGREEN’s cordless Apple Watch charger; it’s hardly any larger than the integrated MFi-certified charging puck itself, and the USB-A plug can be inserted into any computer USB port, USB-enabled wall outlet, or even a portable battery pack.

Also useful is the charger’s integrated loop, which makes it easy to attach to any keychain or bag for on-the-go charging.

If you’re interested in UGREEN’s cordless Apple Watch Charger, then you can pick one up from Amazon for about $41 with free Prime shipping.


Most of Apple’s products have a lot of aftermarket support, and the Apple Watch Series 4 is no different. These just happen to be some of my favorite accessories to use with my smartwatch each day.

Everyone uses their device(s) differently, and so if you have different tastes in Apple Watch accessories, we encourage you to talk about them in the comments section below.