Mophie’s Juice Pack Access battery cases for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are now available for purchase from the Mophie website, Mophie announced today.

Similar in design to Apple’s own battery cases, Mophie’s Juice Pack Access offers additional battery life for Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup.

Priced at $99.95, the Juice Pack Access charges the iPhone using 5W wireless charging capabilities, leaving the Lightning port on the device free for Lightning-based accessories. This is the first of Mophie’s cases that leaves the Lightning port accessible.

Compared to Apple’s line of Smart Battery Cases, Mophie’s Access options are more affordable ($29 less) but do not have quite as much battery capacity, charge slower (though not a huge issue with a battery case), and do not have the same deep integration with iOS. The Smart Battery Case lets you check battery level right on your device, but on Mophie’s, you’ll need to use the small LED battery indicator on the side.

There’s a 2,200mAh battery in the Juice Pack Access for iPhone XS Max and a 2,000mAh battery in the cases for the XR and XS. Apple’s Smart Battery Case, meanwhile, offers more power due to the two 1,369mAh batteries in the device.

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The Juice Pack Access for iPhone X and XS offers up to 25 hours of total talk time, while the Juice Pack Access for iPhone XR provides up to 31 hours of total talk time (these figures include the built-in battery in the iPhone as well).

You can charge the Juice Pack Access using a Qi wireless charger or through the built-in USB-C port if you need faster recharging speeds.

Mophie has the Juice Pack Access cases available in black on its website starting today, with other colors coming in the near future.

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