iOS 13 concept gives iPad the features it desperately needs

iOS 13
Apple, please steal this.
Photo: Léo Vallet

There are less than 100 days until WWDC 2019 and new iPad features are looming large on the mind of Apple fans.

In a new iOS 13 mockup, concept designer Léo Valle suggests some simple, yet groundbreaking features that would make the iPad a true Mac replacement. Some of these features probably won’t make the cut on iOS 13 this year, but even if one makes it’d be a game-changer.

Xcode and External displays

Xcode would make iPad a true Mac replacement.
Photo: Léo Vallet

Bringing support for Xcode and Final Cut Pro to the iPad would almost make Macs obsolete. If developers that build apps could build on an iPad instead of a Mac it should lead to more thought out and fully-fledged iPad apps.

One of our most lusted-after features is true support for external displays. We want the second display to be an independent work area like on the Mac. It would make the iPad more versatile and powerful. The only way to make that happen though would be to add a way to control two screens without touch. Which brings us to the next feature…

Mouse support

iOS 13
This would be a amazing..
Photo: Léo Vallet

We need mouse support Apple. Connecting a mouse to an iPad antithetical to its original purpose, but ti would unlock so many new possibilities. Don’t make it the main way to interact with an iPad, just make it an option.

W3 for accessories

This would be nifty.
Photo: Léo Vallet

Apple could use its silicon-making prowess to make a powerful W3 Bluetooth chip that makes pairing accessories easier. Pair AirPods to iPhone and iPad is so easy, why not bring the experience to other accessories like the Magic Keyboard.

Léo Vallet also suggests some other changes that would apply to iPhone too. Redesigned volume control. multitasking from Control Center and dark mode are some of the other cool features you can check out in his full iOS 13 mockup.