Apple yesterday shared a new video featuring beautifully shot scenes of nature from around the world. Today, the company released a making-of video revealing how the project was shot using iPhone XS cameras and some additional equipment and accessories, like cinema-quality lenses and stabilizers. For the scene of a stunning avalanche, Apple used real explosives rather than computer graphics and special effects.

Check it out embedded right below.

The nature clips were shot by The Camp4 Collective, a team comprised of four award-winning film directors Anson Fogel, Renan Ozturk, Tim Kemple and Andy Mann.

“Don’t Mess With Mother” features gorgeous scenes of nature and animal wildlife from nine countries around the world, including breathtaking underwater scenes of an eagle high up in the air and a shark in the depths of an ocean. The awesome footage is synced to a metal soundtrack with Megadeth’s “Last Rites”.

And now, check out the original video.

One thing’s certain: getting those shots with an XS was no easy task.

These Apple-commissioned short films are getting better and better. My only gripe is the fact that Apple doesn’t acknowledge prominently enough that additional kits and professional crews were used in filming the scenes.

“Additional hardware and software used” appears at the bottom at mark 0:52, but the description doesn’t list the additional kits like some of the other recent mini films from Apple.

Speaking of which, some of the better mini-films Apple recently shared include clips on whale shark researchCuban beachesToronto Maple Leafs’ right winger Mitch Marner, a teenage athlete from American Samoa and more.