Independent developer David Smith made a name with apps like Pedometer++, Activity++, and Workouts++ that all provided a different and better way to view fitness and health data. But Smith’s latest app is tackling another problem – time zones.

Thanks to technology, the global workforce is becoming more interconnected. That leads to big problems when trying to coordinate meetings and more because of time zones. But CalZones wants to make that process much easier.

The app is a calendar that takes into account time zones. After downloading, you’ll select the specific time zones you need to coordinate with. The app will automatically adjust to those selections to make coordinations easier

When viewing the main timeline view, you can see the time in the specific locations. Select a time to create the even at the time and timezone. There is also a more traditional calendar view.

Anytime you need to create an event, the time picker will show the chosen time in all of the time zones.

On Apple Watch, the app offers a timezones conversion tool and allows users to see a list of all upcoming events. There is also a wide variety of different complications that can be customized with a chosen time zone.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, CalZones can be downloaded now on the App Store for $4.99.