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As this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple is likely to show off the next major version of macOS. And as we inch closer, leaks and rumors are starting to slip out. Like a brand new official feature that would let iPad owners use their device as an external display.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is planning on launching a new feature that would allow iPad owners use the device as a secondary display, as long as it’s physically connected to their computer. Apple reportedly refers to this project as “Sidecar” internally. This new addition to macOS 10.15 is part of a new window management effort from the company. It will allow future users to hover over the green maximize buttons on windows, which will then pop up a variety of different options.

There will be new tiling options, the standard full-screen, and the easy option to quickly send that window over to a secondary display if available. That means users won’t have to click and drag the screen over to that external display. That should make window management a bit easier. In addition to that, Apple is also rumored to be working on the ability to snap windows to sides of the display — something similar to how Microsoft handles it in Windows 10.

Apple Pencil users have something to look forward to as well. The report indicates that while their iPad is connected as an external display, they will still be able to use the stylus for direct interaction. That means the table can be used as an external drawing tablet.

There is no word on which iPad models will support this. And while current third-party apps that support this feature require a physical connection, there’s some speculation that Apple could offer a wireless option. That would definitely stand out, but Apple would have to basically get rid of lag to make it worthwhile.

Our Take

Apple’s being called out for “Sherlocking” another feature, which isn’t incorrect if Apple really is planning on launching Sidecar to the public. There are apps that do this same thing, like Duet Display, Moom, and Luna. But, an official feature baked into the desktop operating system means a lot more people will not only know about it, but probably use it.

As long as Apple doesn’t completely restrict iPad model access for whatever reason.

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