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Dealing with PDFs is never easy. Unlike a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, PDF is a rigid format. Once generated, it’s only used for viewing and sharing. But these days, way too many communications depend on PDF. You either have to sign a PDF, fill in a PDF form or sometimes, edit a PDF itself to correct a mistake. In times like this, you’ll need an app to make things easier for you. PDFelement for Mac is one such app.

Why Choose PDFelement?

PDFelement 6 is an all-in-one PDF manager app for Mac. It’s a swiss army knife utility using which you can view PDFs, edit PDFs, convert PDFs, create new PDFs and easily fill in PDF forms. If you’re opening a PDF which contains scanned copies, PDFelement will use OCR software to help you extract and edit the text.

PDFelement for Mac comes in two versions, the standard and the Pro. The Pro version has a bit more features which we’ll talk about below. For most users, PDFelement 6 should be more than enough. It costs $49.95 for a year’s license and $59.95 for a perpetual license.

Feature-wise, PDFelement is better compared to PDF Expert. Both apps have a good PDF reading experience but when it comes to editing, PDFelemnet is better and more intuitive. PDF Expert lacks some PDF editing features like background watermark, header and footer and so on). PDF Expert also doesn’t support the Split Document feature and it doesn’t help you convert PDF to multiple formats. At $79.99 for a license, PDF Expert is also more expensive.

Let’s talk about how you can use PDFelement 6 to quickly and easily edit PDF documents on your Mac.

Download: PDFelement 6

How to Edit PDFs on Mac Using PDFelement 6

After downloading the PDFelement app, open it.

You’ll see the dashboard interface. From here, click on Edit PDF. From the file picker, choose the PDF you want to edit.

PDFelement How to Edit PDFs 2

This will open the app’s PDF editing view. The app will automatically analyze the PDF and will draw boxes around all editable elements. You can just click on a box, then put the cursor when you want and then start typing to add text.

PDFelement How to Edit PDFs 3

You’ll notice that the app is smart enough to figure out the font and will continue with the same font and size for you. You can also highlight text and press the Delete button to remove it.

PDFelement How to Edit PDFs 4

When you highlight some text, you’ll see the toolbar in the right change dynamically. From here, you can change the font, font size, font style and even color of the text.

PDFelement How to Edit PDFs 1

The app has an easy to use interface. You’ll find all major features in the header above. To add a new text box, just select Add Text. To add a new image, select Add Image. Similarly, you can add links, backgrounds, watermarks and even a special header and footer this way.

PDFelement 6 Pro

As I said above, for most users, PDFelement standard version is enough. But if your job depends on dealing with PDFs, you might want to upgrade to the Pro version. The chief feature of PDFelement 6 Pro is automation. You can do things like adding watermarks, converting PDFs, doing OCR, in batches. If you’re dealing with dozens or hundreds of PDFs, this can be a huge time saver.

PDFelement 6 is a great option for anyone who has to deal with PDFs. And the app is beginner friendly. Along with the easy to use interface, it also features an online learning academy with videos and a 24-hour Help Center line which is ready to help you with any problems you might be facing.

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Download: PDFelement 6

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