iPhone should steal these hands-free gestures from LG


LG G8ThinQ
The LG G8ThinQ totally “borrowed” its look from the iPhone. The iPhone should borrow its gesture control system.
Photo: LG

The just-announced LG G8ThinQ has a forward-facing sensor that allows users to control some of the phone’s functions with hand gestures, with no need to touch the screen. 

The sensors used by the iPhone’s FaceD should be able to duplicate this functionality, possibly simplifying the use of the device. 

Scan your hand

The G8ThinQ has an infrared  time-of-flight sensor that it uses to sense hand gestures.  This system is called Air Motion.

“Without touching the phone – useful especially when driving – users can answer or end calls, take screenshots, switch between applications or adjust the volume. Controlling the LG G8ThinQ is as simple as waving a hand or pinching the air, increasing convenience for active consumers when wearing gloves or swimming,” LG said in a statement.

This same sensor is also used for HandID, which scans the pattern of veins in users’ palm as a method of identification.

iPhone could do this

The TrueDepth Camera used in all the 2018 iPhone models could duplicate this hands-free gesture system.

True, users can do any of the actions supported by Hand Motion by touches to the iOS Unlock Screen. But as LG pointed out, its system might be easier when driving, and it’s certainly more useful wearing gloves.

That said, it’s possible Apple has already considered the possibilities  of hand gestures and rejected the tech. The LG G8ThinQ hasn’t been released yet so it’s not yet clear whether its Hand Motion system is practical in everyday use.

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