TikTok is one of the most popular short video sharing apps out there. It unfortunately hit a bit of a roadblock when it was banned in India earlier this month, though. But multiple reports have confirmed that ban has been lifted.

Earlier this month, when the Indian government banned TikTok, they said that the app was, in part, spreading “cultural degradation” and a range of explicit content. It appeared that the ban would be a lengthy won, consider the grievances the government was placing on the app and it’s developers. However, turns out the ban was only for about a week.

CNN Business, Reuters, and TechCrunch are all reporting that the Indian government has lifted the ban on TikTok, making it available once again in country. Of course, the ban itself was only for new users and preventing them from downloading the app from app stores. For those 120 million active members every month were still able to use the app to their heart’s content.

Despite that, TikTok’s developer, ByteDance, said that it was losing upwards of $500,000 a day due to the ban.

But now it’s time for a victory dance, and ByteNow has a statement on the decision and the lift of the ban:

“We are glad about this decision and we believe it is also greatly welcomed by our thriving community in India, who use TikTok as a platform to showcase their creativity. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue serving our users better. While we’re pleased that our efforts to fight against misuse of the platform has been recognised, the work is never “done” on our end. We are committed to continuously enhancing our safety features as a testament to our ongoing commitment to our users in India.”

So, ByteDance is going to keep making changes and tweaks to TikTok to make it an appropriate app in each region it’s available. It’s good news for TikTok users, especially those who might not have installed the app yet, but even better news for ByteNow.

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