Concept: How Screen Time for Mac Will Look on macOS 10.15

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 25, 2019 in macOS, News

A report from earlier this month revealed that Apple is going to bring Screen Time to Mac. The feature first debuted as a part of iOS 12 last year to help users keep a tab on their app and smartphone usage. With the next release of macOS still a couple of months away from its official announcement, creator Jacob Grozian has gone ahead and imagined how Screen Time on Mac would look like.

Screen Time on Mac is going to look similar to how it looks on iOS which is how it has been imagined in this concept. It looks particularly stunning to look at especially with the dark mode in macOS enabled.

All key Screen Time features including App Limits, Downtime, Family Screen Time, Time Limit, and more have also been created in great length. With App Limits, users can set the amount of time they will spend inside an app each day on their Mac. Once that limit is reached, the said app will be locked.

The Screen Time button in the Mac’s menu bar — as imagined in the concept — looks handy and I hope that Apple also ends up implementing something similar.

It is likely that Apple’s Screen Time implementation in macOS will look similar to the one imagined by Grozian here. Hopefully, Apple will also ensure that App Limits set in Screen Time works across platforms. So, for example, if one sets 1 hour as the limit for Twitter on their iPhone, the same restriction is carried over on their Mac as well.

Are you looking forward to Screen Time coming to macOS? Or do you think this feature is not going to be of much use on Macs? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Jacob Grozian]

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