Less than 24 hours ago, the Sileo Team teased the blazing speed of its Sileo app, which aims to compete with Cydia as the de facto package manager on handsets pwned by way of Electra. The device used in the recent demo video was an iPhone 6s, but with many jailbreakers waiting to pwn their latest and greatest handsets, did the video do Sileo any justice?

If you were wondering how fast Sileo would be on a more modern handset, then you’re in luck. The Sileo Team has Tweeted yet another demonstration of Sileo’s speed just this evening, this time with the app running on an iPhone X instead of an iPhone 6s.

For those interested in watching the video, here it is:

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As you might have noticed, one of the tweak installations failed mid-video, and as the Sileo Team explains, the failure of that lone installation didn’t impact the rest as it would have in Cydia. Instead, the user could cancel the failed tweak, allowing all other downloads to continue without re-queueing or re-downloading anything else in the queue.

For comparison, here’s the old speed demonstration, showcasing the Sileo app running on an iPhone 6s:

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Quite the difference, eh? Well, newer iPhone hardware such as what’s found in the iPhone X will do that! And furthermore, A12(X) devices such as the iPhone XS would be even faster.

These teasers showcase Sileo running on iOS 12, which is an indication that the Electra12 jailbreak is actively being worked on at the time of this writing. There’s no ETA for the tool’s release, but we can only assume that it won’t be long now given the evident progress that has been made.

Are you excited about Sileo, or are you sticking with the tried and true Cydia on the unc0ver jailbreak by Pwn20wnd? Let us know in the comments section below.