Call Waiting Disabled on iPhone

Call waiting; one of those convenient phone services that
was introduced decades ago on land lines. It lets you answer an incoming call
while you’re currently on another call. It can be a handy feature so that you
can take calls without your line being tied up.

However, call waiting can also be a nuisance. If you’re
already on an important call and don’t want to be bothered with others trying
to reach you, you may not want this feature enabled. So, here’s how to turn off
Call Waiting on iPhone.

Turn off Call Waiting

Turning off the Call Waiting feature on your iPhone is very
easy, just follow these steps.

1) Open your Settings and select Phone.

2) Scroll down to and select Call Waiting.

3) Move the slider to the off position (green to white).

Turn Off Call Waiting iPhone

Now, you can concentrate on your current call without being interrupted with other calls coming in. And you can always turn it back on if you change your mind later by going to the same spot in your Settings.

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Wrapping it up

Call waiting is one of those services you probably either really like or really don’t. Remember, it can be very useful for receiving emergency phone calls when you’re on another call. And since it’s so easy to turn on and off, you can always disable it for just a short time if you want.

What do you think of call waiting? Is it something you find
helpful or annoying?