If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can control which songs play next on your other devices by using your iPhone or iPad. So, you can queue up what you want to hear on your HomePod when you enter the kitchen or on your Apple TV when you walk into the living room.

Here’s how to manage your Apple Music queue on Apple TV and HomePod.

Using the Music app

Open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad and then do the following to manage the queue on
Apple TV and HomePod.

1) Swipe up on
the Now Playing bar at the bottom.

2) Tap the red AirPlay symbol.

3) You should see
cards for your devices, including the one you are using.

Select the device you want to use and tap the song that’s
currently in queue. You can then move forward
to the next song with the arrows

When you are ready, just tap the play button.

Using Control Center

You can access those same cards from your Control Center for
the Music app and manage what’s playing next from there.

1) Tap the top right corner of the Music app

2)  Select the card for the device you want to

3) Tap the Play/Pause button in the corner.

4) You’ll see the
song currently in queue for that device. Use the forward arrows to set the next song.

Tap the play button when you’re ready to listen.

Wrapping it up

Managing the queues for the songs you want can be done
individually by device, which is nice. So, get some classic rock set on your HomePod
when you start making dinner and some slow jazz going on Apple TV when you’re
ready to relax.

Are you going to use this flexible feature to manage queues
on your other devices? Let us know!