Arriving in late 2018, HomeRun for HomeKit allows you to quickly and easily control different smart home scenes from an Apple Watch. We named it one of our Best Apple Watch Apps of 2018.

And with a new update to version 1.2, the app is even more useful on the wearable device.

The first new update is the ability to set different routines in the companion iPhone app. A watch complication can switch context, icon, and color during the day depending on your selection.

For example, at night a complication on the watch screen will allow you to turn off all lights in a home before bedtime.

Fans of the Siri watch face can also set routines that are shown as a suggestion during specific times of the day.

If you use a number of different HomeKit scenes with your smart home devices, and wear an Apple Watch, HomeKit is definitely an app to take a look at. Instead of having to worry about using Siri or the Home app, you can have one-touch access to your most-used scenes.

Designed for the iPhone, HomeRun for HomeKit can be downloaded now on the App Store for $2.99.