Peace out, cub scout.

Sick of polar vortexes? Do you miss green grass and sunshine? Are you one of those crazy people that travels toward snow, rather than away from it? Now’s the perfect time to escape the everyday. Thanks to the Frontier Spring Break sale, you can score round-trip airfare for as low as $35.

Availability is limited, so if you can be flexible, this deal is perfect for you. You can choose from approximately 30 routes, or opt for one-way tickets for as low as $20. If your budget is a bit bigger, more routes are up for grabs at less than $100 round-trip. Travel days vary by where you’re from and where you’re flying, but most are available in March and April. Note that you need to book by the end of the day on February 20th. Available seats vary by route and the selected travel dates, so shop sooner for the best selection.

For example, you could fly from San Francisco to Las Vegas for $39. Or Atlanta to Miami. Or Denver to Reno. Catch my drift? Play around with departure cities to find the best deals, and remember that when it comes to flying Frontier, you want to pack as light as possible to avoid any extra fees. What are you waiting for? Search for discounted flights and enjoy your trip. ✌🏻

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