BESTEK Travel adaptor 4 port

These days, you need a charging strategy when you’re packing for a long journey. How will you keep your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch GoPro, camera and Kindle charged up at all times? You’ll run out of ports after charging your iPhone and MacBook! What you need are better wall chargers or adaptors designed specifically for travelers. BESTEK makes some amazing options and they’re currently on sale for 60% off!

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Currently, some of the best BESTEK accessories and wall chargers are for sale. You can find them at 60% off the retail price by entering the exclusive promo code for iPhoneHacks readers: FORPRO60.

BESTEK 2-Port Wall Charger + Power Bank

BESTEK two port charger with phones

What’s better than one port? Two. What’s better than a wall charger? A Power bank. This is a handy device combines all of the above into one neat package you can carry with you easily. The wall charger has two USB ports that support 20W charging. Plus, these are smart ports. So they can identify which device you’ve connected and what’s the fastest speed it can charge. For example, if you connect an old iPhone, it will charge it at 5W and won’t burn the internals.

If you connect one of the newer iPhones with fast charging support, it will charge it at 10W and higher. Just the fact that you’re carrying this wall charger means you have one socket free for other things.

Plus, it has a power bank built-in. When it’s plugged in, it will automatically recharge the built-in battery! With the power bank, you can charge your iPhone two-three times. BESTEK 2-Port Wall Charger + Power Bank is down from the original price of $23.73 to $9.49.

BESTEK International plugs travel adaptor

BESTEK 35W 4-Port USB International Wall Charger

BESTEK 35W 4-Port USB International Wall Charger is the only charging accessory you’ll need for your cross country traveling. This four-port charger can charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and your MacBook all at the same time! It has a 35W output so it would be best to either charge your iOS devices at a time and then switch it out for your MacBook.

BESTEK 35W Travel adaptor

The best thing about it is that it comes with four interchangeable plugs (US/AU, UK, EU). So if you’re in a different country and see an unfamiliar port, all you have to do is remove the adaptor part and switch it with another.

BESTEK 35W 4-Port USB International Wall Charger is down from the original price of $27.48 to $10.99.

BESTEK 600 Jules Surge Protector

BESTEK Surge Protector

BESTEK’s 600 Jules surge protector is something you should travel with if you’re going to be traveling in developing countries. It’s a single port surge protector, with two USB cables for charging your phones, iPads and your laptop all at the same time. The surge protector is down from the original price of $14.48 to just $5.79!

BESTEK Magnetic Cell Phone Stand

BESTEK Phone Stand

BESTEK also makes a super powerful Magnetic Cell Phone Stand. You can just dock your phone on it and it will stay there. It also has a 360-degree movable head so you can put your iPhone in an angle that you want. Down from $13.73 to just $5.49.

BESTEK 30W USB Charger


If you’re looking for a simple USB charger with multiple ports for your desk, take a look at BESTEK’s 30W USB Charger. It comes with three USB ports and one USB-C port! So you can charge your latest Android phone along with three other accessories. Down from $24.48 to $9.79.

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