Siri gets a new icon in iOS 12

Siri has its strengths. However, when compared to some of the other digital personal assistants out there it has plenty to learn.

Which is why you, or someone you know, may have expressed some less-than-positive feelings about Apple’s feature on social media. Well, if a certain position at Apple gets filled soon, those feelings may find their way to an executive at the company. Eventually. And with some notes.

As was first reported this week by VentureBeat, Apple is currently looking to hire an analyst to “monitor what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources”. This analyst will be reporting their findings to Apple executives and the Siri team. They will be on the look out for “Siri issues that are going viral or otherwise trending”. That user feedback will then be used by the analyst to write up some real world solutions. They will then pass that information on to Apple’s executives and Siri team.

On top of that, this person will be working with Siri marketing, too. The position is tasked with aiding in the development of product announcements, press events, marketing campaigns, and more.

“The Siri team is looking for an organized, thoughtful, and driven candidate to contribute in two key areas: First, developing and leading a program to monitor what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources; then providing product analysis and recommendations to stakeholders and leadership. And second, facilitating Siri engineering support and guidance to ensure the success of Apple Marketing campaigns, press events, product announcements, and launches; then analyzing the impact of these efforts.”

What Siri can do, it does well. For the most part. However, there is still room to grow and get better. This new job may help with that, especially if they can actually come up with some interesting real world solutions. Of course, whatever changes Apple does make to Siri will probably take some time. So while WWDC 2019 (which takes place in early June) may see some talking points about new features/changes to Siri, bigger changes will hopefully still be in the works.

[via VentureBeat; Apple]

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