Even in the age of the smartphone, staying on top of the seemingly endless number of tasks you have to complete each day is no easy feat. From groceries and dinners to work emails and presentations, our to-do lists are merciless reminders of just how much we have left to do before bed.

2Do Task Manager helps you beat back your to-do list by offering a string of innovative and streamlined features that allow you to complete more tasks, and it’s currently available for 60% off at just $19.99.

Unlike most generic task managers that simply make it easier to check off a box, 2Do Task Manager applies quick entries, smart filters, and location alerts to dramatically improve your productivity across the board.

This award-winning platform allows you to sort, focus, and tag each task in a completely customizable fashion, and you’ll be able to schedule tasks using a simple drag and drop tool that doesn’t require any typing.

You’ll even be able to build your own advanced search queries and make them into smart lists on the go.

Stay on top of your schedule with 2Do Task Manager for just $19.99—60% off its usual price for a limited time.

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