If you’re as disappointed as we are that Apple has not added a black color option to the new AirPods (in spite of the rumors), you can now order custom-painted earbuds from ColorWare.

With a total of 64 different color choices, each available in matte and glossy finishes, ColorWare sets you apart from the ordinary because stock is boring.

While ColorWare won’t accept your own AirPods for customization, its website let you configure AirPods to your heart’s content. When satisfied with your creation, hit the Buy button and ColorWare will order the earbuds from Apple and repaint them according to your wishes.

Customizing the hell out of my AirPods

You can even choose different colors for your left and right AirPod, as well as separately customize the original or the new wireless charging case.

Here are their prices (again, the products are included):

Feeling retro?

How about AirPods that resemble the iconic Apple IIe design? I’d buy them in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the $450 price tag (Apple charges $200 for the white earbuds with the Qi case).

The mod shop lets you order other Apple hardware, including keyboards, mice and trackpads. iDB’s Jim Grisham recently went hands-on with a myriad of custom-painted Apple gadgets from ColorWare so be sure to read Jim’s article for e better understanding of their process.

They even let you adorn the charging case with a custom message

ColorWare certainly isn’t the only company offering custom painting services for Apple gear. Russia’s luxury iPhone company Caviar is selling a custom-painted pair of the original AirPods in red/burgundy or black with luxurious gold accents at an eye-watering price of $590.

To start customizing your AirPods, visit the ColorWare website.