Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ May be Developing an Electric Van

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 21, 2019 in Apple Car, Apple Rumors, News

Apple’s “Project Titan” has been a pretty consistent rumor for quite some time, with a lot of the focus being on what type of autonomous vehicle the company could be working on.

Now, a new report out of Germany’s Manager Magazin, based on information gathered from unnamed sources, Apple’s Project Titan could lead to an electric van. There is a bit of semantics here, as some people out there are very comfortable pointing at a van and calling it a car. But there is no doubt that the general consensus up to this point has been Apple is working on an “Apple Car”, with “car” being a sedan of some kind.

According to the report, Apple’s Project Titan is still very much in the prototype stage, but at least two models have been seen: one in silver and one in black. There aren’t a lot of details to be had in this report, but the main takeaway is that Apple is reportedly not testing sedans, but rather electric vans.

Word on the street is that Apple is planning on launching its self-driving car, or van, in 2023. The company recently hired designer Andrew Kim away from Tesla to help with the design of whatever vehicle it is working on. However, a bit of bad news was recently reported in that Apple removed 200 people from the Project Titan initiative earlier this year.

So, if you were excited about the Apple Car, are you excited about an Apple Van?

[via Manager Magazin]

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