Apple’s been quietly rebuilding Maps in the past year or so with detailed terrain data in select US states and cities, including the most recent additions: Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Specifically, the states of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as the southern portion of Nevada, including the city of Las Vegas, now support detailed terrain features revealed when zooming and panning, like grass, trees, sports fields and parking lots.

Tim Hardwick, MacRumors:

The enhancements are the result of Apple’s street-level data collection using LiDAR-equipped vehicles, which has been going on for over three years. Related improvements first rolled out in Northern California in iOS 12 and have extended to Hawaii and Southern California over the past few months.

These vehicles are scheduled to collect mapping data in Alaska, South Carolina and Tennessee, according to Apple’s revamped Maps image collection website.

MacRumors learned from its sources that the Cupertino giant will next updated terrain data for northeastern cities like New York.