Accessory maker Anker today opened pre-orders for the industry’s very first officially sanctioned Lighting to USB-C cables ahead of their launch later this month.

The PowerLine II USB-C cables are available in three and six-foot varieties in a range of colors. The three-foot version cost $16 versus $19 for Apple’s own cable.

Pricing for the other cable is yet to be determined.

Per The Verge, both cables support the industry-standard USB Power Delivery protocol which permits devices to negotiate power requirements. As a result, Anker’s cables let you fast charge your iPhone 8 and later and iPad provided you’re using a 15+W USB-C wall charger.

Apple used to be the sole maker of Lightning to USB-C cables.

As of recently, vendors in the Made for iOS (MFi) program are allowed to build and sell their own cables, giving people more choice because Apple’s cables are overpriced and not exactly know for great build quality.

Anker’s cables are advertised as having a lifespan of 12,000 bends and they come with a lifetime warranty. Other well-known accessory vendors announced officially sanctioned first-party Lightning to USB-C cables at CES 2019, including Belkin and Griffin.

Speaking of cables and adapters, Apple is rumored to be switching its iPhone to USB-C.

To pre-order your Lighting to USB-C cable, visit Anker’s website.