A larger model of MacBook Pro with an “all-new design” has been tipped for launch, with a 16 to 16.5-inch display, according to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Writing in Sunday’s note to clients, obtained by AppleInsider, the analyst wrote that the notebook is expected to be positioned at hardcore gamers and pro designers.

“Three all-new design products, including the 16 to 16.5-inch MacBook Pro targeted at professional designers, gaming users, etc,” reads the reference in Kuo’s note to clients. The memo adds that Apple might add a 32GB RAM option to the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

While such a notebook would surely file as the company’s largest-screened notebook since the discontinuation of the seventeen-inch MacBook Pro back in 2012.

I just have a hard time believing Apple would position this thing as a gaming machine.

Look, we all know that gaming on Mac computers really takes a backseat to DirectX and Nvidia-powered gaming on Windows. On top of that, Apple’s GPU choices are severely limited as of late because its management doesn’t seem to want Nvidia support in macOS.

But I digress, back to screen size.

A 16-inch notebook may initially seem like an odd choice, but there are many notebooks of that size in the PC world. As a matter of fact, 14 to 16-inch displays screens seem to represent a sweet spot in terms of readability, portability, resolution and screen real estate.

I don’t think these upcoming new notebooks will be physically larger than the current lineup because the discontinued 17-incher was way too massive. I recently got a 15-inch MacBook Pro and it’s awesome but I wish I could shrink the bezels further.

Don’t get me wrong, the Pro’s bezels aren’t event close to the comically fat bezels on the previous MacBook Air. That said, I do see one area for improvement in that regard.

In my personal opinion—and this dovetails nicely with to Kuo’s “all-new design” theme—Apple will pull an iPad Pro to give the next MacBook Pro a lot skinnier bezels on all sides so it could enrage the screen by an inch or so without changing the notebook’s size too much.

Make sense?