There is a simple way to find the list of iPhone applications that could be listening to you – and it’s worth checking.

When applications activate your microphone a little-known clue will pop up in the corner of your screen, but Apple says apps are within their right to use any auditory information collected.

iPhone apps tend to accumulate over the lifespan of the device, with many downloaded on a whim so that users can participate in online trends.

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Apps are required to request permission before the microphone is enabled, but many in-app functions will not be available without certain access.

By regularly reviewing the list of applications which have access to the microphone in your iPhone, you can disable that access based on how much you trust those apps.

“If you allow third-party apps or websites to use your microphone information, any information they collect is governed by their terms and privacy policies,” Apple said.

To see which apps have microphone access, go to iPhone Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone.

There you can find the list of apps that have microphone access enabled.

If you want to know whether an app is listening to you at any particular moment, look to the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Next to the battery life and signal bar symbols, a small orange or green mark will appear if your microphone is activated.

“An orange indicator means the microphone is being used by an app on your iPhone,” Apple said.

“Whenever an app uses the camera (including when the camera and microphone are used together), a green indicator appears.”

You can test this by activating Siri on your iPhone and watching the orange dot appear.

To periodically review or reset particular privacy permissions, activated location sharing or shared content in your Notes, Calendar and Photos, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Safety Check.

Here, you can also change your Apple ID password and your iPhone passcode, as well as restrict access to apps such as FaceTime and Messages.

“If circumstances or trust levels change, Safety Check allows you to disconnect from people, apps and devices you no longer want to be connected to,” Apple said.

“Keep in mind that people may notice if you stop sharing your information with them.”

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