Congratulations! Just like Indiana Jones in my extended universe fanfic, you have found all the amiibo you have desperately been searching for. Perhaps you used our hard to find amiibo guide or maybe you just searched through old dusty libraries until you found your holy grail of amiibo. No matter your method of acquiry it is now time to display them. After all, those amiibo belong in a museum — your museum specifically.

One of the most important elements of any good museum is how artifacts are displayed. Before you start selling tickets to your amiibo museum, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to display your amiibo figures.

Warp Zone

Mario Pipe figure stand

If you want to give the spotlight to some individual figures in your collection or if you only have a few, I can’t think of a better display than this warp pipe

$9 at Amazon

a glass box for one

amiibo clear case

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle and refined, consider this simple plastic case. It is simple and doesn’t distract from the beauty of whatever figure gets placed inside.

$20 at Amazon

Level complete

amiibo end level display

If you have a handful of amiibo that you would like to display then this one might fit the bill. Your amiibo collection has leveled up and I can’t think of a more apropos way of declaring it than with this Mario themed display.

$44 at Amazon

Let there be light!


Sure, anyone could display their amiibo without including bright shining LED’s, but why? For a totally reasonable price you can have a case that proudly displays your figures and makes them glow the way they do in your heart.

$35 at Amazon

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