SoundHound is a popular streaming platform for music fans, and now it’s getting a new way to share the songs and artists you like through Instagram.

SoundHound officially announced today that it has launched the ability to share songs through the platform by way of Instagram Stories. It’s all pretty straightforward in execution, and SoundHound says the idea is built around the idea of being able to quickly share a track you’re listening to through one of the more popular social networks out there.

“Did you know you can now share songs from SoundHound to Instagram Stories? We know how much it can mean to our users to find that perfect song, it’s what drives us to continuously improve the SoundHound app. And we know you love sharing that tune just as much as finding it. Now we’re offering one more way to share those magical moments easily, through Instagram Stories.”

The process takes only three steps. The first, tap “the orange button” to identify a song and bring up the social features (including the ability to connect directly to Apple Music). After that, step two will see you tap either the “Share” icon or the “Instagram Stories” banner, whichever you prefer. That will open up in the Instagram app you need to have installed, showing the artist name and track information.

The third and final step sees you adding it to your Instagram Story as usual.

And as usual, Instagram’s Stickers are also supported, so you can spruce up the story you’re sharing, along with the music, to make it even more unique. But it’s not just about discovering new music and sharing it:

“Want to share songs you’ve discovered in the past? That’s super easy too. Just go to your history in the SoundHound App, select the song, and tap the share icon.”

The new feature is available now in SoundHound. A link to download the free app is available below.

This is not the first time that Instagram Stories have experimented with music integration. Back in December of last year the company rolled out Question Stickers to help with music recommendations. And in June of the same year “Music Stickers” made it quick and easy to give a soundtrack to a story.


[via SoundHound]