Twitter this morning announced a brand new app that lets anyone become a beta tester for unreleased new Twitter features on iPhone and iPad.

From the official announcement:

Want to help us build some new Twitter features? We want it to be easier to read, understand and join conversations—and we’d love to know what you think. Sign up to be one of the first to try out our new prototype app, twttr.

To apply, fill out the Twitter Prototype Program application form.

You’ll need to answer a few simple questions and enter your Twitter user name so they can update you on your application status via an email address associated with your Twitter account. You can expect to hear from Twitter within a few weeks.

TechCrunch says the app will test new designs for the conversations feature at launch:

Initially, the new twttr app will focus on testing new designs for conversations. As the company demonstrated at CES, the prototype app will show a different format for replies, where conversations themselves have a more rounded chat-like shape and are indented so they’re easier to follow. Engagements, sharing options and other tweet details are hidden from view in order to simplify reading through longer threads.

And, most notably, the different types of replies are color-coded to designate those from the original poster as well as those Twitter users you personally follow. This is meant to offer better visual cues to readers who are trying to follow a lengthier thread where, often, side conversations take place, or the original poster jumps in to clarify things or respond to individual tweets.

The software launched today for the first group of participants.

If you already applied, expect an email confirmation and further updates in the next few days. If you’re currently on the waitlist, stay tuned as the company will be adding participants over time. The Twttr prototype testing app is available via Apple’s TestFlight beta program, too.

The Twitter Prototype Program is only available for iOS at this time.