You Can Now Blur Background in Video Calls in Skype

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 07, 2019 in News, Skype

Skype has rolled out a new update to its Mac and Windows app to add support for background blurring in video calls. The effect is similar to Portrait selfies that have become the rage in recent years in the smartphone world. 

Skype is the first notable video calling and communication service to offer background blurring in video calls. The feature is also available in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft says that it is taking the help of AI to achieve background blurring in video calls in real time. The AI has been trained to detect one’s hands, face, hair, and arms while blurring out everything else.

Background blurring is disabled by default and needs to be manually enabled for every video call you do in Skype.

For now, given the amount of processing power required for achieving background blur in video calls, it is unlikely that we will see this feature come to iPhones or iPads anytime soon.

[Via Skype]

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